Splinters torn off my soul..some poems

Friday, October 03, 2008

Friends came Home

Friends are coming home
The rooms are tidy
And food is set

The friend in me
Wants to shine the silver
She gifted last time.

The show-off in me
Wants to fit in another dish
For the aunt’s approval J

The husband of mine
Wants to run down n get
A toy for the baby-kid.

Exhaustion wins
And we sit back
On artfully laid out cushions
(Must remember to re-position when the doorbell rings)

They come in…
My friend rushes to the sofa.
Her husband waits to be asked
And talks pleasantries standing.
But I am busy attending
To the aunt at the doorstep
She needs to be made much of...
Has travelled an hour to reach us!
My husband, of course,
Is coo-ing to the kid!

Mango juice!
The one with the alphonsa flavour!
The baby loves it??!!
Success it is then!!
(Item fixed for the next five menus.)

Friend and baby on the floor!
Good! Anyways not enough seats…
And none more comfy for my tired feet!
Join them J

Talk a bit, listen some more, talk a bit
The kid in my lap J
My friend smiling in front
My head reclined on my husband’s knees
What bliss!

Where do kids learn to smile like this?
From the mother’s look that says
You are the world, my world is you?
For you I smile, for you I breathe?
(Then why the years steal
This precious charm? )

Games, music, food
Pitter patter running
of the toddler’s footsteps
Everything matters
But nothing so much
As two families
Which become one
For an evening, a dinner.
Friends came home.